Leeds ED Wellbeing website

What is this form for?

Everyday we do great stuff in the emergency department, you do great stuff, I do great stuff, but we’re really bad at telling each other.

Negative feedback processes are well ingrained in healthcare. The word Datix has become synonymous with failure. So we wanted to start celebrating the good things we do.

The good things don’t have to be huge, they don’t have to be process changing, they just need to have made a small difference to someone’s day. Fill in the form with something good that someone did today. We’ll let them know =, they get a little certificate and their efforts go rewarded.

So what happens if I fill out the form?

The form is sent to one of our volunteers, who will take your feedback and pass it on to the person you mention. No huge fanfare is necessary, just passing on messages that say well done.

I already say well done in person, what does this add?

Firstly, thanks for giving verbal positive feedback, what you are doing makes a big difference. Our surveys suggest people want a form of written feedback. It’s more permanent and can be used in portfolios, interviews etc more easily.

I can’t remember the person’s name but I want to give them some praise!

Don’t worry, write as much about them as you can in the description box and we’ll try and track them down. The more information you can give us the better.

Why do you need my name?

We don’t, so giving your name is optional. We won’t put it on any feedback given to another person, but if someone really wants to know who said the nice thing, or wants to return the gratitude it’s nice to have the information to help them. Don’t feel under pressure to supply it though, we’d rather you said something nice anonymously than nothing at all!

What happens to my email address?

We hold onto it until your feedback is delivered, we’ll never give it out to anyone or put you on a mailing list.

Something bad happened should I use this form?

We’re sorry that something didn’t go right, sadly this isn’t the right form to use to tell us about that. If it’s purely clinical normal trust processes should be followed. If you need some help outside of work don’t forget about the listening ears project.

I don’t like this system!

We completely understand that positive feedback and messaging isn’t for everyone, using this system is completely voluntary. If you have any ideas about how to make the system better, or want to tell us why you don’t like it please still get in touch. We’d love some feedback too!